A USC crowd hasn't rushed the field at the LA Coliseum in nearly 11 years, when Chad Morton made good on his promise to break UCLA's 8-game winning streak and was carried off the turf by hundreds of elated students in 1999. 

Not that the Trojans haven't had their fair share of big home-victories in the last decade.  A 23-17 win over Cal in 2004 ultimately saved USC's National Championchip run.  In 2008, the Trojans took down No. 5 Ohio State, the highest ranked team to leave the Coliseum with a loss in years. 

The difference between Morton's victory and all those that followed, however, is that no one was surprised by them.

But if the Trojans can pull a rabbit out of the hat against No. 1 Oregon this Saturday, you can bet the student section will have moved to the 50-yard-line before the game clock hits 0.  For the first time in a deacade, USC is truly the underdog.

Oregon's 6.5 point line doesn't do the Ducks justice.  They're big, they're fast, they're deep, and they have everything to play for.  USC fell out of the top 25 for the first time in 250 years, and is betting on a coach who would have been chased out of most Pop Warner teams by now.

So what do the Trojans have to play for?

Maybe a miracle Saturday could salvage what so far has been a disappointing and frustrating season, to say the least.  Or maybe USC is hungry to find some sort of national relevance again.  Either way, USC will certainly have something to celebrate with a win this Saturday, and you can expect to find me dancing in the endzone when the Trojans pull the upset.